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Published: 25th March 2010
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When a new office is being established, one of the last things to organise is often the signage. Given the rushed nature of opening on-time, business signs are often given very little thought and are also alloted a small budget due to the fact the fit-out of your office and all the other expenses involved in the move have been piled on.
Warning: failing to ensure you procure quality signage may adversely affect the success of your business.

The signs out of the front of your business are important as they are the first aspect a client will see, and often it is the first impression that counts the most. The top 4 most important aspects of your business signs are:
- are they clearly visible from the distance people generally will view them from?;
- does the finish of the sign match the style you are trying to portray?;
- do the signs stand out enough from the surrounding building, if you want them to be subtle is this being achieved?;
- will the signs still look good 2 or 3 years down the track and what can be done now to maximise the life of the signage?.

Once you have chosen a new destination for your business, ensure you touch base with a business sign company early on in order to discuss the different options available to you and to ensure you have the signage all ready prior to the day you open for business.

This article was written by Blueprint Concepts, a Sydney Signs company. Blueprint Concepts helps businesses of all sizes create and install signage including neon signs and vehicle signage.

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